by Raymond Stone on 05-01-2016

Yes, I have a blog now. Why blog? Because I can. I’m a designer, a title that gives me the delusion that I can create anything. Writing is not my thing, but neither is any form of communication since I am not particularly skilled at any one, though I did manage to learn French and forget almost all of it.

But my laundry needs to air, forcing me to reluctantly pick one of those forms of communication, plug my nose, and dive into this oversaturated market since blogging is just something people do in the post-social media age of “look at my life and validate me.” Please clap [insert Jeb Bush emoji]. As I write this I learn that my version of Microsoft Word does not consider the 2015 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year a real word.

End political answer…if you can recall the question. “Emotional Gravity” will revolve around my journey from early adulthood struggles with depression, life as a designer, life in “The City,” my obsession with a food so remarkable that it’s deserving of it’s own entire section, and how all of those topics relate to one another.